Meet Our Team

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Your team at the Madison Clinic is a group of diverse and highly dedicated diabetes care professionals who are passionate about helping children with diabetes, even if it takes dressing up for Halloween. And yes, we don't mind if you want to eat some Halloween candy, we'll teach you how to count the carbs and take insulin for it. Our staff include:

  • endocrinologists
  • psychologist
  • nurse practitioners
  • certified diabetes educators (nurses and dietitians)
  • social worker
  • transition coordinator
  • expressive arts and family therapist
  • researchers
  • medical assistants
  • medical interpreters
  • administrative assistants
  • clinical ambassador

We designated one certified diabetes educator (CDE) to be your primary case manager, and work with you and your diabetes provider as a team. Please be sure to know your case manager, and establish the best way to communicate with her. And, when you have a moment, get to know the rest of us and what we do, we're all here to help you, within our different roles.