Nicole Rotter, CPNP

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I was born in Salt Lake City, UT but had moved to sunny San Diego, California by the age of 5.  I spent most of childhood in the Bay Area, until I moved back to San Diego to complete my first bachelor’s degree. After working in a lab doing research for several years, I met an amazing nurse practitioner who encouraged me to go back to school and become a nurse. Luckily, I took her advice, and went back to school for my nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University.  Feeling the pull of California and my family, I returned to the Bay Area to complete my education to become a nurse practitioner here at UCSF. I began working in pediatric endocrinology at UCSF right after nursing school, and eventually wound up working at the Madison Clinic in 2011! After a brief move to Denver, Colorado in 2014 I returned to the Madison Clinic in May 2018. I couldn’t be more excited to be back and continue to work with the amazing families at the clinic again.