Research Results

Research helps us understand how to live well with diabetes and will eventually lead us to the cure.

Teplizumab (Anti-CD3) Prevention Study: In addition to being able to accurately predict who is going to develop T1D, TrialNet has now found a way to delay it. This is an incredible advancement that gets us one step closer to our ultimate goal: a future without T1D.

  • This is the first study to show any drug can delay type 1 diabetes diagnosis a median of 2 years in people at high risk.
  • 72% of those in the placebo group were diagnosed with T1D, as compared with 43% of participants who received teplizumab.
  • On average, 35.9% of placebo treated participants developed T1D every year, as compared to 14.9% per year of those treated with teplizumab.

Click here to read the publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.