Roger Long, MD - Interim Medical Director

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I am proud to call myself a Bay Area native, having attended kindergarten through high school in the East Bay. I was fortunate to have had many volunteer and services opportunities throughout these years and my years of medical training that allowed me to travel and appreciate various cultures and communities. 

My education took me out to Nashville, Tennessee for medical school, and I eventually made my way back to San Francisco via San Diego. In San Diego, I completed a combined residency in both General Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. I determined early in my education that I wanted to focus my training on a medical subspecialty that would allow me to provide longitudinal care for patients of all ages. Diabetes and Endocrinology were a perfect fit. I created a unique combined Adult and Peditric Endocrine Fellowship program at UCSF; I was the first combined Endocrine fellowship graduate at UCSF.

My training allows me to provide the patient care that I envisioned from early in my medical education journey. I primarily see patients with diverse endocrine conditions during their teenage years and into early adulthood - years that can be particularly challenging for patients and their families. For our community of patients with diabetes, I am the physician coordinator of the Transition Program at the Madison Clinic for Pediatric DIabetes at UCSF. We established this program to address the issues that occur as our pediatric patients with diabetes transition to adulthood and to more independent management of their diabetes. My goal is to eas the anxieties and burdens associated with this transition and empower my patients to comfortably and safely manage their health.