General Management

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Managing diabetes is a skill that takes time. It can often feel like you are juggling many things at once and that one of the "balls" will drop.

We know that seeing your provider at least every 3 months will help you with the medical management of diabetes. In between your visits, you have many daily decision to face. These self-care behaviors are the main ways to manage diabetes (easier said than done!). These include:

  • Healthy eating with a nutritious choices, knowing carbohydrate content and getting questions answered about artificial sweeteners
  • Being active everyday with proper planning 
  • Monitoring glucose, and as needed blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Taking insulin or other medications
  • Problem solving glucose highs and lows, and knowing what to do for ketones or when Glucagon is needed
  • Reducing risks by preventing problems (such as by getting a flu shot, seeing the eye doctor, not smoking or avoiding second hand smoke)
  • And last, but certainly not least, healthy coping by knowing ways to strengthen your support system during times of diabetes-related distress or just plain old stress.

Our team will help you with an individualized plan to help you manage your diabetes the best way possible.