Katie Casto Hynes

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Katie is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Sports Nutritionist. A former Division I collegiate field hockey player turned competitive 2:41 marathoner and 2020 US Olympic Trials Qualifier, her passion for fueling the body with healthy foods inspired her to change careers and enter this field. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing at the College of William & Mary, followed by a Masters of Science in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Katie has worked with numerous children and athletes to help them improve their nutrition and achieve optimal blood glucose control. Prior to joining the Madison Clinic, she spent time working at two pediatric diabetes clinics, first at the Wendy Novak Diabetes Care Center in Louisville, Kentucky and then the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center in Portland, Oregon. Joining the team at the Madison Clinic in December 2018, she is excited to provide top care its’ pediatric patients and families.

When not working or running, Katie can be found exploring trails in the Bay Area or creating recipes in her kitchen while her husband and dog anxiously await the next bite.