The Madison Clinic

for Pediatric Diabetes at UCSF

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Our aim is to improve the lives of our patients and their families and to ease the burden of diabetes through compassionate and individualized management with emphasis on education, empowerment, and use of advanced technologies.

The Madison Clinic brings together under one roof a team of endocrinologists, clinical psychologists, nurses, diabetes educators, social workers, dietitians, and a dedicated administrative staff, led by the Clinic Director, Dr. Saleh Adi, to create a Center of Excellence. Our translational research program is conducting cutting edge clinical trials that aim at preventing as well as curing diabetes. Thanks to our dedicated diabetes researchers and clinicians, U.S. News & World Report ranked UCSF endocrinology and diabetes fourth in the nation for 2011-2012.

The need for tighter control of blood sugars has led to exponential improvements in the way we monitor blood sugar levels and deliver insulin. Sophisticated pumps and glucose sensors are becoming standard tools, and newer insulins and other drugs are likely to become available very soon.

With all of these significant advances, it is increasingly important that we have a highly skilled team of diabetes health care providers who deliver the latest in diabetes education to help optimize overall disease management.

Our clinical team includes a dually trained pediatric and adult endocrinologist who will lead our efforts to establish a unique transition program for older teens and young adult patients.


Saleh Adi, MD
Medical Director

Madison Clinic for
Pediatric Diabetes

Stephen Gitelman, MD

Pediatric Diabetes Program

Korey Hood, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Roger Long, MD
Pediatric and adult endocrinologist

Stephen Rosenthal, MD
Professor of Pediatrics

Srinath Sanda, MD
Pediatric and adult endocrinologist

Jenise C. Wong, MD, PhD
Pediatric endocrinologist

Allied Health Partners

Marcela Arregui Reyes, MS, PMP
Transition Coordinator

Kathy Breen, RN, CDE
Pediatric Diabetes
Study Coordinator

Jeanne Buchanan, RN, CDE
Pediatric Diabetes Educator

Nicole deButts, RN, MSN, PNP
Pediatric Diabetes Nurse Practitioner

Theresa Garnero, APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE
Practice Manager

Theresa Lee, RN, CDEc
Pediatric Diabetes Educator

Mary McDonell, RN, MSN, CDE,
Pediatric Diabetes Educator

Colette O’Brien, MSN,
Pediatric Diabetes Nurse Practitioner

Jason Rosenbury, MSW
Social Worker

Sherri Shafer, RD, CDE

Afroz Subedar, MS, RD, CDE


Richard Coto
Administrative Assistant & Scheduler

Kathleen Fraser
Clinical Trials Recruitment Coordinator

Nancy Lei
Medical Assistant

Clarissa Quan
Diabetes Clinical Ambassador