Our team at the Madison Clinic aims to offer the highest quality, personalized care to meet your needs and gain your satisfaction.  Our front desk staff will greet you when you arrive in Clinic and will be your primary contacts who can help you with scheduling, and will connect with the right provider as needed.  To facilitate an efficient and safe communication, please take a moment to read the following, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by calling us (415-514-6234).

For any emergency, please call 911.

The Madison Clinic is required to limit all patient-specific electronic communication to come through UCSF MyChart.  If you are 18 or older, please sign up online by requesting an activation code here. Requests for access to MyChart for patients under the age of 18 (both principal and proxy) must be made in-person at your provider’s office. Only non-urgent questions and requests for prescription refills should be directed through MyChart which is checked every 24-48 hours during regular business days.  

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Madison Clinic e-mail
You may also contact us by e-mail at [email protected] for any general questions, or to send us scanned forms or device downloads, since MyChart currently accepts few attachments.  Please keep in mind that communication through e-mail is not secure, and to protect your security please do not include a full name or date of birth in the subject line.  This e-mail account is checked at least twice daily during business days. 

Prescription Refills
Please be sure to review your inventory of supplies and insulin and order what you need ahead of time.  It takes our staff up to 5 business days to process all refill requests.  With a little planning, you can avoid running out of medications. With only a few exceptions, we request 6-9 months refills on all prescriptions. The amounts ordered per month are based on actual monthly use as documented from your meter or pump download from your last clinic visit.  

Before your next clinic visit, take a look at your medications and supplies to see if you are running low on them. When you come in for your appointment, we will ask you to complete a form to help us with the refill process. You can access this prescription refill form here to save you time when you come into the office (plus it helps to jog your memory about all the supplies used so you can check what you have on hand).  If you need to discuss any of your prescription needs, please ask to speak with Nancy or your Case Manager CDE during your next visit, or by sending a MyChart or e-mail message.

The American Diabetes Association recommends a minimum of 4 visits per year.  However, we encourage our families to schedule visits more frequently for our youngest patients (infants and toddlers), and for our teenage patients who are experiencing rapid changes in their metabolism and insulin requirements.  Please make sure to schedule a follow up appointment each time before you leave the Clinic, or by calling us (415-514-6234).

Appointment cancelations must be made at least 72 hours before the appointment.  This allows us to offer the empty appointment slot to someone else in a timely manner. 

In order to avoid a surprise bill and delays during your appointment, be sure to keep us informed at least a week prior to your visit of any insurance coverage changes or updates. This allows us time to work with the hospital's pre-authorization unit. When you arrive for your appointment, we will look at your insurance card so please bring it. If you wait to notify us at the last minute, it can add at least another 30 minutes to get your visit authorized (and we cannot guarantee same day authorizations, so a little pre-planning helps to avoid this messy situation!).

If you do not have insurance and plan to pay cash, work with our front desk team so you will know how much deposit is expected. We will give you an estimated amount of your bill but based on what your doctor or nurse practitioner provides, but know that amounts vary. You will receive a bill for the remaining amount or any credit due based on the amount of deposit. This is handled from the Patient Relations department.

International Patients
If you live outside the United States and wish to consult with one of our providers, we welcome you! With a little planning, we can accommodate in a matter of days. Our front desk team is best equipped to handle questions and help to facilitate the International Services process in working with Executive Health (just down the hallway form us).