Marie Nader, MD, Postdoctoral Research Scholar

I grew up in Lebanon where I earned my Medical Degree at the American University of Beirut. It was not until May 2016 that I moved to the United States and landed in San Francisco to work at the Madison Clinic as a post-doctoral research scholar

I am interested in specializing in Pediatrics, with the ultimate goal of being a Global Health Physician. I strongly believe that research is a pillar for Medicine and clinical practice, and I would love to combine both interests in my future career. Starting my long journey at the Madison Clinic is a privilege: watching a multi-disciplinary team taking comprehensive Diabetes care to another level, while being active in so many research studies, is a unique learning experience. It is a great opportunity to be working on different studies on type 1 diabetes, being exposed to technology and how it is used in diabetes care, and being part of such a collaborative and inspiring team.