Laloni Jones, Administrative Assistant

I am a Bayview resident who was first introduced to the Madison Clinic through a UCSF community outreach internship program called EXCEL. As an intern, I worked diligently assisting research physicians and study coordinators with the Diabetes Transition Research Study and Transition Program. Upon completing my internship, I was offered a temporary position working at the front desk. I received many compliments as to the improved flow in the diabetes clinic. Once the job was posted, I applied and was offered a career position.

Now, my primary roles are to download all of your technology (meters, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors), to help you when you call, and to do insurance verification for our Behavioral Health visits. I'm one of the friendly faces at the front desk area welcoming you each time you return. We pride ourselves on answering telephone calls with as few rings as possible. People are always suprised that they can actually TALK to someone when they call. No one wants to go through lenghty phone trees, especially when it comes to your child's health.