Marcela Arregui Reyes, MS, PMP

I was born and raised in Chile, where I earned my Teaching degree in Physical Education and I played Team Handball for the Chilean National Team. My mother is from Chile and my father was from the Basque Country, so I am the product of the best of two worlds - well, as is my older twin sister. My life in the States has been a journey from the southern hemisphere to California. As a teacher, I used to run the camps for children with diabetes in Chile.  My twin and I dedicated our summers to fun and teaching diabetes management tools for families and their children with diabetes. 

I was invited to visit Bearskin Meadow Camp in California during the summer of 1992, where I complemented my knowledge and positive outcome to diabetes for over 10 years. I believe a person with diabetes could do anything if they set their mind to it!  One just has to have the tools to be able to get there.

As a Teacher I was eager to continued my education in USA, where I obtained my Master in Science of Administration in Recreation and Business from San Francisco State University, and my Project Management Professional degree at University of California Berkeley.  The journey has continued for several years where I have been part of UCSF community, the teaching world of San Francisco and Oakland Unified School District representing the "Profesores Visitantes” from Spain to USA.

I enjoy cooking, traveling, walking at the beach, technology, and of course a good party with friends and family.  I feel fortunate to have the experiences that have shaped my life in Chile and now here.  I am looking forward to continue building a community within the world of diabetes.