Francine Ostrem, Ph.D., LMFT

Expressive Arts Therapist

It is with great excitement that I join the Madison Clinic team on Fridays in the Ruth and Terrence Elkes Art Room. As a child and family therapist specialized in the expressive arts, I have been working with children and families living with type 1 diabetes in private practice for nearly a decade. Bringing art therapy to the site of a child’s medical care, even just one day a week, means one more opportunity and one less barrier for kids, and their families, to address and integrate the complicated emotional side of managing diabetes. Accessibility of mental health and wellness, both developmentally and systemically, is a driving force behind my clinical work. When not here or in my private practice, I work at Lincoln, a non-profit in Oakland, where I oversee the implementation of an art therapy program in eight schools, collaborating with students as they navigate chronic stress and/or trauma associated with racial discrimination and socioeconomic disenfranchisement.  Supporting children as they express and represent their experiences is my life’s passion. With this work, I seek to build bridges between inner and outer worlds, children and caregivers, patients and providers, and to make a contribution to our collective imaginative coping and growth.