Colette O'Brien, RN, PNP, CDE

I grew up in sunny Santa Monica. As a child I participated in soccer, swimming, diving and marching band. Over the summers our family would travel a lot throughout the US and to Germany, to visit my mothers’ family.

I moved up to the Bay Area to attend college and graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Physical Education. After graduation, I was given a great opportunity to work at Heidelberg University‘s newborn unit in Germany. It was there that my love and passion for children was strengthened. I knew then I wanted to work as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Once I returned to the States, I completed my bachelors in nursing from The University of San Francisco.

I moved with my new husband to Chicago, where we both pursued advanced degrees. I graduated from The University of Illinois at Chicago with my masters in nursing. Then  I had the pleasure of working at La Rabida Children’s Hospital as a diabetes pediatric nurse practitioner.

After eight wonderful winters and summers in Chicago our now family of 4 moved back to San Francisco. Since then we have added two more children to our family. I have been very blessed since finding a permanent home at The Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes in 2002. Working with our great team, my goal is to help guide families and children with diabetes to reach their full potential.